School art gallery

School Gallery of Painting and Graphic Arts

Our school gallery is a unique place where students can experience different forms of art.


The foundation of the gallery was an idea of our high school’s then-principal, Andrzej Balcarczyk, who realised that the best way to make young people appreciate art was to bring it to school. He new that looking at paintings stimulates imagination and makes young people’s hearts happy.

In 1975 Jan Nowak presented our school with a set of graphics, which served as the gallery’s first display but only ten years later, in October 1985, one of the classrooms was turned into a regular art gallery.

Individual exhibitions of  school graduates such as Bogusław Trybus, Andrzej Gilman, Zenon Dyrszko as well as varnishing days of  Beata Wąsowska, Elżbieta Kuraj, Stefan Poniewiera, Regina Lipecka, Eryk Dragańczyk held at the school gallery became important local events. The last in the artist’s lifetime display of graphics by Stefan Suberlak also took place there.

The gallery has been found very interesting by many visitors to our school as it is the mine of knowledge about the school and our town.

Throughout the years the gallery has also displayed fine works by such well-known artists as Eryk Pudełko, Jan Nowak, Katarzyna Nowak-Zagórska, Radosław Kazimierczak, Helena Golda-Błahut, Gabriela Kiełczewska-Słowikowska, Roman Nyga and Ewa Matras.

A memorable collective exposition was shown at the gallery on the occasion of its tenth anniversary  in 1996.

The works of the founder of the gallery Andrzej Balcarczyk were on display for the school 55th anniversary.