After-School Activities

Extracurricular activities

In our school, students can participate in extracurricular activities, such as:

  1. The Volunteer Club

The Volunteer Club is a group of young and active people who help those in need. Students:

  • organize charity fairs, concert etc. to raise money for the hospice in Tychy
  • participate in charity collection in shopping centers
  • take part in Polish nationwide charity campaign called “Fields of hope”
  • participate in the “Festival of Hope”
  • take part in fundraising at cemeteries in Tychy
  • prepare performances for orphaned children, on the occasion of Children’s Day and Saint Nicholas’ Day
  • take part in food bank’s charity events
  • support an animal shelter in Tychy by organizing food collections
  • take care of sick children from Silesian Hospice for Children foundation

Projects carried out by volunteers are primarily group activities, which are valuable because they: help youth with acquiring teamwork skill, teach to compromise and to solve the conflicts. In addition, they influence discipline and the ability to observe the environment and they shape attitudes of sensitivity, openness, empathy and solidarity.

The supervisor of the Volunteer Club is Małgorzata Binias – a guidance counselor

  1. School newspaper “VERTE”

“VERTE” was created in 1990. It had been supervised by Jadwiga Wiendlocha for 11 years but currently the editorial team is supervised by Małgorzata Bartosik.

  1. The European Partnership Club at Leon Kruczkowski High School in Tychy

The European Club was founded in 1997 and was registered in Polish Robert Shuman foundation in Warsaw.

In October 2012, the Club’s activity was reactivated and it currently has around 60 members. The supervisor is Agnieszka Gemborys. The main goals are:

  • education in the area of ​​shaping and developing European awareness,
  • overcoming barriers and popularizing information on the European Union through various activities,
  • establishing international contacts and developing cooperation with schools and foreign institutions,
  • shaping the sense of the cultural community of Europeans,
  • training foreign language skills,
  • strengthening the integration processes of the school community,
  • shaping attitudes of tolerance and respect,
  • development of interests.

The European Partnership Club offers:

– English classes run by a native speaker,

– cultural workshops as part of cooperation with various institutions (AIESEC projects, volunteers of the European Voluntary Service, etc.),

– cooperation projects with foreign schools as part of the eTwinning program,

– youth exchange projects under the “Youth in Action” program,

– the opportunity to participate in the COMENIUS Partnership Schools programme and Erasmus + programme,

– organization of tourist events in Poland,

– trips to theaters and to cinemas,

– movie evenings and other integration meetings,

– cooperation with European clubs and other pro-European organizations in the

country and abroad, mainly with Polish Robert Shuman Foundation.

The European Partnership Club organized many youth exchanges:

– as part of the “Youth in Action” program: in Rowy in 2005, in Portugal (Villa Nova de Famalicao) in 2006, in Great Britain (Northampton) in 2009, in Finland (Nokia) in June 2012, in France (Le Mans) in September 2013.

– as part of the Polish-German Youth Cooperation programme (since 2002, youth have participated in over 50 projects).