European Union Programmes for teachers

EU Projects

Kruczek polishes language skills ​​throughout Europe.

The teachers of our school have just come back from holiday language courses that took place in England, Ireland, Germany and Malta.

The EU Project Erasmus + ‘Foreign Languages – a gateway to the school of the future’ has not only let us deepen our foreign languages knowledge, but it also expanded our knowledge of culture and history of other countries. Such experiences have a certain advantage, they make us more open-minded, teach us real, wise tolerance, and let us make friends. Our school may gain more partners on the path of carrying out similar EU Projects.

A total of 10 teachers took part in the project, six of whom were foreign language teachers (English, German and French), while the other four were Science and Arts teachers. (Physics, Geography, Polish and Physical Education).

The project will last for two years, from June 2015 to May 2017, and is being coordinated by an English teacher Ms Agnieszka Koszyk.