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Women Power – Erasmus +

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The project “Women power- raising awareness” has been implemented in our school since September 2020. We cooperate with schools from Romania, Italy, Czech Republic and Turkey. Due to restrictions we were not able to make any trips this year and all activities took place online. We have chosen the project logo, created a survey on women’s rights in each country, made presentations about our town, school and famous women. We have also created a project website – we encourage you to look at the effects of the work of the students of our school as well as our foreign partners ?

Erasmus+ Virtual exchange

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On 12-14 April we had an Erasmus+ virtual exchange within the project “EU4U – Electing, living and working as a young person in today’s Europe and in the future.” The traditional exchange was supposed to take place in March 2020 in Romania, but unfortunately a pandemic thwarted our plans ? However, we are glad that at least in this remote form we were able to meet our partners from Romania, Greece and Germany and talk together about the future of Europe, as well as explore beautiful places in Romania.
It was the last official meeting of this project, but we all hope that the friendships made during these years of cooperation will continue to grow ? We are responsible for the future…


English Language Day

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English Language Day took place on 25 and 26 March.

On Thursday, an online English competition was held for first graders. The winners of the competition were:

1st Helena Pyrsch 1d2

2nd place ex aequo Maria Bernacka 1e and Robert Wątor 1d1

3rd Piotr Duda 1d1

The English Day programme also included a lecture entitled “A short introduction to photography and photographic projects” by Julien Grasset – the Head Deputy of the DAAC (Academic Delegation for Arts and Culture), Grenoble, France – who introduced our students to the topic of street photography and talked about the European project Pixel on Tour. The lecture was attended by classes 2 e, 2e-n, 2d1n and 2d2n.

The next lecture was attended by students of 2e, 2d1 and 2d2 on Education and studying in the USA and scholarship programmes. The lecture was led by Ms Monika Laber from American Corner in Katowice.

We also listened to a lecture entitled Psycholinguistics: what happens in our brain when we speak – by Prof. Arkadiusz Rojczyk, from the Speech Processing Laboratory at the University of Silesia in Katowice. We could also hear about the latest research taking place in our speech after Covid-19.


“that’s eUrope”

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Today the students of our school took part in a quiz about the European Union called “that’s eUrope”.

Our quiz opponents were a school in France, Lycée Bourg-Chevreau in Segré under the supervision of Ms Anita Tromeur. We have done several international exchange projects in Germany and France with this school. The quiz was an opportunity to broaden our knowledge of the European Union, the Member States and EU programmes.

In today’s quiz it was our school, our students, who proved to be a little bit better. We won 12:9. It was the first quiz duel between French and Polish students.

Thank you to our friends from France for having fun ? .


Logo Międzynarodowego Dnia Kobiet

Women’s Day

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Women’s Day

Women are inspirations for others in so many ways. They wonderfully manage both their personal as well as professional lives. Happy Women’s Day 2021!

Zdjęcie Pearsona o Międzynarodowym Dniu języka Ojczystego

International Mother Language Day

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International Mother Language Day

This year’s celebration of the International Mother Language Day was necessarily a remote one. On Tuesday, 23 February, our guest speaker was Joanna Przyklenk, PhD, from the Association of Friends of the Institute of Polish Language at the University of Silesia “Via Linguae”, who gave a lecture for first and second graders on “When you defend your rights…, the rhetorical basis of negotiations”.

A dictation test was posted on the school library website, where everyone could (and still can) check their knowledge of spelling rules.

In the afternoon of the same day, a language correctness competition also took place virtually. The first place went to Helena Pyrsch from grade 1d2, the second place to Oliwia Gibiec from grade 2d2, and the third place ex aequo to Martyna Grzybek from grade 3e1 and Aleksandra Rudolf from grade 1d2. We would like to congratulate the winners.


Zdjęcie z młodzieżą pod tablicą pamiątkową w szkole 28.01.2021

We remember!

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We remember!

The Youth Council gathered at the plaque commemorating the tragic death of their colleagues … Ewa, Justyna, Andrzej, Łukasz, Artur, Szymon, Przemek and Tomasz. Beniamin Bożek read out one of the most moving poems which was written immediately after the tragedy.

Zdjęcie z prowadzącą wykład online z katowickiego American Corner

American Corner

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On 26 January the first remote meeting of the 1d1 class with American Corner in Katowice took place. As part of the cooperation established by Ms Anna Zarmutek, class teacher and English teacher, further online meetings will be held.
The main topic of today’s meeting was the 2020 presidential election in the USA.

Sportsman of the year 2020

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Sportsman of the year 2020

We encourage you to take part in the TYSKI SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR 2020 poll


select your athlete:

among SENIORS – our graduate Sylwia Łaskawska

and among YOUTH – current students of our school Dawid Wiekiera 3e1 and Paweł Ścierski 2c.

Pani dyrektor i pani Krzyżanowska prezentują nowe sidziska na korytarzu szkoły

New equipment for our school!

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New equipment for our school!

The cooperation of our Parents’ Council with the school management, teachers and the school is very effective. It undertakes numerous activities to help the school community. We are very keen on such cooperation and we thank our parents for it.

The thriving Parents’ Council at the First High School, even in the difficult time of the Covid, purchased equipment for the biology room and benches for the school corridors.

Once again, we would like to thank our parents for their joint efforts, which have had the tangible effect of increasing the necessary school facilities.