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150 150 I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Leona Kruczkowskiego w Tychach

Eco-minded is the first social project organised in our school for the olympiad called ‘Zwolnieni z teorii’.

Its purpose is to educate people on global warming and ways in which everyone can help the environment.

As part of this initiative there will be ‘eco-lessons’ conducted by a team of students from grade 2d2,

as well as a meeting with ecology professionals and activists.

We invite you to keep track of the next steps of the team on the project’s social media page.

Youth Council elected

1024 682 I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Leona Kruczkowskiego w Tychach

Today we have elected a new school Youth Council. Emilia Mikołajko from class 2d2 received the highest number of votes. Kruczkowska youth in the Youth Council will also be represented by Karol Krupiak, Natalia Mikołajec, Michał Belowski and Ludwik Kurski. Congratulations to all of you!

We are pleased to announce that we have also elected our representatives to the Youth Council of the City of Tychy. This school year it will be Emilia Mikołajko, Julia Loska and Karol Krupiak.

The turnout was 81.8%.

We would like to thank all the candidates for their participation in the elections, interesting election campaign and wish them all fruitful work.


Everybody can help

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Girls from the 2d2 class invite all Kruczek’s students to become involved in a charity collection for the Crisis Intervention Center in Tychy. In the attachment you will find detailed information about the collection. PS Cardboard box for things is located next to Ms Krysia:-)

In theatre

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On Saturday, September 28th, a large group of young people from the European Club and students from our school, together with Mrs Agnieszka Gemborys and several other teachers and parents, went to the Entertainment Theatre in Chorzów. Our goal was a musical “Cabaret,” which made a great impression on us 😊

Erasmus+ in Portugal

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On 15-21 September, a group of six students together with Agnieszka Koszyk and Agnieszka Drong took part in a youth exchange within the Erasmus+ ‘Incubator for Future European Entrepreneurs’ project, which took place in Sao Bras de Arportel, Portugal. We took part in numerous meetings with entrepreneurs, in various workshops, we met new people and their culture, visited beautiful places and above all experienced incredible moments. The next meeting will take place in December in Lithuania.


Vote for our project

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We would like to ask you to vote for the project “Athletics for Everyone” within the framework of this year’s Municipal Participation Budget. The project involves the construction of a 100-metre-long tartan track, a distant jumping hill and a street workout field around the L. Kruczkowski High School No. 1 in Tychy. These facilities will be used not only by students but also by the whole community of the city to develop physical activity.

The voting lasts from 6 to 20 September this year. You can cast your vote:
– via the Internet on the website,
– in person at the consultation points,
– by post at the address: Tychy Town Hall, 49 Niepodległości Avenue, 43-100 Tychy with a note on the envelope “Civic Budget”.

Vote for our project and encourage your relatives and friends to do so. Every vote is important!



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At 9.00 a.m. the Principal welcomed the second and third grades to the school and at 11.00 a.m. the first grades. However, regardless of whether they were “new” or “old” students and teachers, they were all warmly welcomed!

Although the challenges faced by the school is nothing new, the thrill of emotion did not avoid anyone, because we have new high school tasks ahead of us. Both for the management and teachers, as well as for the students.

School life is not only about lessons, tests and homework. Our offer for the after-school activities is also rich, and the Youth Council mentioned this in its welcome speech.

We hope that after a two-month break we are all ready for the challenges and we will take them with a smile on our faces.

We wish ALL the best of luck in the school year 2019/2020!


The outstanding pedagogue and headmaster has passed away

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“A man lives as long as his memory lasts.”
On 12 July 2019, Andrzej Balcarczyk died, in 1974-1990 a teacher and the headmaster of Leon Kruczkowski High School in Tychy.
He was an outstanding teacher, dedicated to his work, facing the challenges of the difficult times in which he managed the school. He was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit, the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, the Award of the Minister of National Education for outstanding achievements in didactic and educational work and numerous awards for social activity.
He was a wonderful and wise man, a great friend of youth. He had a humanist mind and a great heart for art. In 1985 he founded the School Gallery of Painting and Graphic Arts at the High School. He was the initiator of many artistic events and meetings with people of culture. When he retired, he gave up his passion for painting. He presented his works at several artistic exhibitions.
Headmaster Andrzej Balcarczyk participated in the life of the school until the last moments.
Funeral ceremonies will take place on Friday 19 July at 10.00 in the church of St. Mary Magdalene in Tychy.

It is time to start our holidays!!

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The school year 2018/2019 came to an end on 19 June. There were awards and thanks to the students, management, pedagogical team and parents for the whole year of joint work. The Headteacher together with the Chairman of the Parents’ Council, Mrs. Gizela Dzięgielewska, presented the book awards to students who achieved high academic results.
Diplomas were also awarded to students for 100% attendance, volunteerism, activity in the Youth Council, participation in competitions and sports competitions. In a word, there were many thanks and awards.
At the beginning of the event, Magdalena Mynarska and a dance group conducted by Krystyna Charchut performed in the artistic part of the event. At the end, the Youth Council in its speech thanked the management, teachers, and all colleagues wished a successful and sunny holiday, as well as a lot of rest.
After the school year-end ceremony, the pupils went to their rooms for the last pre-summer meetings with their tutors.

After a year of intensive education and pedagogical, didactic and educational work, the time has come for the long-awaited holidays 🙂


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WE’VE GOT NEW CHAMPIONS OF KLP! Absolute domination in the final, 3e knocked out class 2d2 as much as 8:2! From the very beginning the match was under the control of this year’s high school graduates, who from minute to minute carried out better and more complex actions, thus marking their advantage. Kacper Śmigiel started shooting quite quickly – a man who will forever write golden letters on the cards of our great league, the absolute hero of this game, the author of four goals! It was mainly thanks to his great attitude that the match looked like this, and not different. Another leading figure in this match was Jakub Wrześniewski, the author of hat-trick. When we add Jakub Łącki, a strong and excellent backward player, and Remik Kuliński, an excellent creator, to these two, it is really hard to wonder that this is the 3e out-of-class class of this year’s rivals. Bartosz Bołdys and Karol Pyka, whose presence on the bench only shows the strength of this team, also gave valuable changes throughout the entire duration of the tournament. Always brave and ambitious 2d2 was not able to do anything in this match, despite the huge commitment was visible physical and technical shortcomings, that day the ball did not listen to the “English”. Also, Łukasz Polakowski, great in the semi-final, was not in the best shape, but let’s not kid ourselves – under such a fire as took place during the duel, every goalkeeper would capitulate sooner or later. However, there’s no denying that it wasn’t the day of the goalkeeper 2d2. The match ended with a sad accent, which was the suicide of Mateusz Ubowski, who set the result of the game at 8:2.
Certainly, the final was a match to remember, mainly because of the large number of goals and excellent performance of the high school graduates, for whom this victory was the perfect culmination of three years of struggle in our league – a year ago, after a fierce semi-final lost to later winners – the then 3e, and two years ago the games ended with this phase.
This year we managed to carry it out from beginning to end, so we would like to thank all teams that had the desire and did not withdraw during the competition. And to all the teams that have surrendered, we appeal for maturity for next year, especially that it is not very difficult to find an hour during the week to come to play the match. If the high school graduates managed to do it without any problems, the younger generations should succeed even more. Especially as nobody is forcing anyone to sign up, and this league, like all football, is supposed to be fun, and players should simply have fun playing in it.
So congratulations once again to the 3e class for the grand finale, and hopefully next year KLP will gain even more interest!
3e 8:2 2 2d2
⚽ 4x Śmigiel, 3x Wrześniewski, Ubowski (og.)
⚽ Czosnyka, Karwat

Congratulations to the coachProf. Jarosław Grabowski.