Number π Day

  • 14 March 2019
682 1024 I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Leona Kruczkowskiego w Tychach

On March 14th, in accordance with world tradition, the “Number π Day” was celebrated in our high school. The school corridor was decorated with a partial representation of the infinite development of this intangible number and with the posters awarded in the competition. The authors of these works were:

Agnieszka Wasiak and Natalia Nowak from class 1e1 and Ewa Okoń, Karol Sorek and Mikołaj Zabroń from class 1e2.

The event that started the celebrations was a lecture by a guest, Dr. Ryszard Janta, who talked about the problem of infinite collections. In this way he introduced the notions of set theory, which concern higher mathematics.

Other mathematical and physical curiosities were presented by students who presented mini-lectures in the form of multimedia presentations. The following spoke: Adam Mężydło (1e1), Izabella Rosikoń (1e1), Aleksandra Biolik (2d2), Wiktoria Kot (2d2), Julia Bartosiewicz (2e1), Paulina Mańkowska (2e1), Hanna Jarlaczyńska (2e1), Emilia Matrycka (1d1), Weronika Długaj (3d1).

The most emotional was the competition for first grade representatives prepared by 2e2 students. Four-person teams struggled not only with mathematical problems, but also with general knowledge, including topics related to school life. The winner was the 1e2 class representation in the composition: Natalia Moćko, Dawid Dulian, Nikodem Wspaniały and Piotr Namyślak.

There was also a student who knew the most numbers from the development of the number π. He turned out to be Nikodem Wspaniały, who remembers as many as 274 digits! Such a result is certainly difficult to beat, but thinking about next year’s competition, you can start learning a series of digits today.